Peering Policy

  • Only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes that we announce to you.
  • Do not point default or static routes to send us traffic that does not match the routes that we announce to you.
  • Only send us traffic originating from your own / your customer networks.
  • You must operate an NOC which is reachable by e-mail.
  • You must cooperate in any case of abuse complains.
  • We suggest that peers set a max-prefix of 50 (IPv4) and 100 (IPv6) routes on peering sessions with us.

BGP filter policy

  • MD5 Authentication is strongly preferred.
  • We accept prefixes of length /24 and shorter for IPv4 and /48 or shorter for IPv6. We will discard anything longer.
  • We use max-prefix filters for all peerings. Usually 110% of you as-set at the time of setup.
  • We will discard prefixes where NEXT_HOP doesn’t match the neighbour’s IP Address.
  • We will discard prefixes where first AS in the AS_PATH doesn’t match neighbour’s AS.
  • We will discard prefixes with Private AS anywhere in the AS_PATH.
  • We will discard bogon prefixes.